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Firstchance Early Intervention; May 2023

Testimony from Nicole; Early Intervention Teacher at Firstchance Early Intervention. Nicole attends our preschool to support our service to develop their inclusive practice. 

'The preschool is a member of the Sector Capacity Building program, funded by DET in conjunction with Early Links, Firstchance and Hunter Prelude. The preschool has 8 hours per term where they can access an Early Intervention Teacher through visits, resources, research or professional development. The staff have chosen a combination of these to suit their individual circumstances. 

I visit the preschool approximately 3-4 times a term to discuss their children with additional needs and provide feedback, positive modelling strategies and ideas for future development. The preschool has always been willing to learn new skills, engage in professional development and discuss current best practice. All staff have demonstrated a desire to work with external allied health professionals and agencies to provide the best outcomes for the children at their service. 

The staff are always friendly, professional and keen to learn new ideas and update to current best practice. They have demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of individual children's development and how to best support families in their individual circumstances. 


Anonymous: Outside Service Professional; May 2023

A huge shoutout to the team of early childhood educators at Boolaroo Speers Point Community Kindergarten. One of #bestbehavedkids has been thriving there and learning so much. The educators undertsand his individual needs, support him well and encourage his efforts. So beautiful to see what a difference a good team can make in the life of a child. 


Anonymous: Teacher from a local school; May 2023

Boolaroo Speers Point Community Kindergarten create an engaging and nurturing environment for children to play, learn and grow in. 

Learning is child-centred and relevant to real life concepts, which encourage children to explore interests, solve problems, question curiosities and make new discoveries. 

A stand out feature at Boolaroo Speers Point Community Kindergarten is the school room where children participate in school readiness activities. The school room allows children to experience a structured, immersive learning environment which is comparable to a classroom, therefore preparing children for school routines. 

Boolaroo Speers Point Community Kindergarten liases closely with local schools, such as Boolaroo PS and Speers Point PS. They attend school events and transition play dates, which allows the children moving from Preschool into Primary school to socialise with future teachers and peers. By working in partnership with local schools and exploring school concepts and practices, Boolaroo Speers Point Community Kindergarten provides children in their care with the best possible start to their primary schooling. 


Anonymous; April 2023

My daughter attended Boolaroo Speers Point Community Preschool for 2 years and she has special needs. This school and the educators were amazing, and Rob especially, went above and beyond. She helped and made her feel so welcome, not only for my daughter but for me as well. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is in or not in the area. 


Anonymous; June 2019

The educators are wonderful, and truly care for your children. The first time I walked into the preschool it felt homely and welcoming, and I was instantly comfortable. I've loved watching my son grow and develop and am thankful for the wisdom and kindness of the amazing team here!


Anonymous; October 2018

What an absolutely fantastic preschool! We have an only child and didn't know how he would cope going to preschool without his mum. Our child has grown so much as a person during the 2 years he has been at this preschool and I know a lot of it has to do with all of the staff there. The staff are so caring, kind and take the time to understand each and every child's personality. Our son is starting Kindergarten next year and we couldn't have asked for a better transition, we know with the preparation they have given him he will be more than ready. Thank you, for helping shape our son into a confident happy child. 


No words can explain how happy we were to discover this awesome preschool and the beautiful, caring ladies who take care of our daughter. We only wished we had found them sooner and we are very sad this is our last year. The team are so welcoming and we are going to miss you all so much. We highly recommend your preschool to anyone looking for an outstanding, nurturing environment. 


Could not get a better preschool! This preschool is worth more than 5 stars. I cannot recommend it highly enough! I tell everyone about it.

Both my boys attended here, from the 1st day they started we were welcomed with open arms and treated as family. We were all so sad to leave when both boys were school ready. The teachers and staff are an incredible group of ladies that absolutely love their jobs, and genuinely care for your child and want to see them grow and learn. It is easy to see why all of the kids thrive and happily return day after day. The communication at this preschool is exceptional, you are always well informed, kept up to date and constantly working together for the support and greater good of your child. The facilities and equipment are fantastic while constantly being updated and improved. 

Like you, this preschool wants the best for your child and will do everything they can to provide the best environment for your child to grow and develop. Boolaroo-Speers Point Community Kindergarten is a family friendly preschool that has all the qualities anyone could ask for. 


Best preschool ever! From the first day I was welcomed in to look around the preschool to the last day my youngest attended. I have nothing but fond memories of here. The staff are all wonderful and clearly happy and well looked after. The kids even more so. My child always enjoyed his days here and I am confident that he has been given the best preparation for school possible. They have just got it right! 


What can I say.... We have been blown away with this amazing preschool.

Being our first child to attend preschool it was a little bit nervous but that was instantly gone the moment we stepped foot in the doors. The educators are not just teachers but are family, they really do care for your child just as much as you do. My daughter is a very affectionate child and all those extra cuddles and love they give them is truly something special, it's like having a 2nd mum and family at preschool. They really take the time and care about what's happening in not only the children's life but you as the parent too. The bond we as a family have with this preschool is amazing and even my other children have created special bonds with the staff; there were even tears at the end of the year. Looking forward to my 2nd daughter attending in the near future. xxxx

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